Precision Ag Hardware

Make the most of every pass with Precision Ag Hardware and benefit from the latest technology in the cab, in your office and in the paddock.

Displays and Receivers

See your operations from the comfort of your cab with a range of displays, have a strong signal connection with the best receivers.

Guidance Systems

Don’t go over the same ground twice, save money on fuel and input cost, reduce time in the paddock, all with GPS guidance.

Rate control systems

Be in control of your output on air carts, spreaders and sprayers, we can help you installation and calibrate to get optimal results.


Need some ground work? We have landforming solutions that can level, contour with iGrade TM or monitor dirt movement by the measuring the distance travelled with Distance Trip.

Environmental Sensors

Get on the go temperature, wind speed and Delta T reading on your spray rig with John Deere Mobile Weather™. To know what’s happening underground, Field Connect TM can monitor important soil factors.