John Deere Utility Tractors | 55 to 125hp

The range of John Deere Utility Tractors are built to suit your needs, whether you’re operating hobby farm, an industry expert or have 50 to 1000 acres. Available from 55 to 125 hp, these models are built for simple serviceability, increased comfort and extra productivity.

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Starting at the 5E 3-Cylinder Series are the economical range but equipped with features you’ll appreciate like 4WD, closed-cab operation station. Match your needs with the power, up to 75 hp and convenient left hand Power Reverser™ Transmission for easy no-clutch forward and reserve.

Need more power but want to keep it small, the 5E Series 4-Cylinder with 69 to 79 hp can match power level to your needs.  No clutch forward and reverse shuttle-shifting makes the 5E Series perfect for dairies, councils, equine or beef operations.

The 5M Series Tractor from 85 to 115 hp are efficient, easy to manoeuvrable while being compact with outstanding visibility from the comfort of the cab.  the narrow track option is particularly useful for fruit and vine growers.  Open Operation Station is available in this range.

The 5R Series Utility Tractor with 90 to 125 hp engine is in a league of its own, loaded with features for versatility and comfort the range is light and nimble while providing all the power to get things done with fuel efficient performance.

A great all-rounder. The perfect tractor range for smaller farms or as a secondary tractor for broadacre operations. From 99 to 130 hp, MFWD or 2WD with cab options this series can bale, mow or lift. The 6D Series is compact and manoeuvrable on road and off.

Introduced to the market in 2012, the 6M Series Tractors have earned a reputation as a great all-rounder with 110 to 195 hp engine options you can have the quality, strength and reliability with all the versatile capabilities you need at your property.

State of the art, integrated technologies with exceptional all-round visibility and user-friendly controls the 6R Series with 110 to 155 hp are designed and engineered to be the most powerful and versatile part of your equipment workforce.